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This section of our web site is specifically designed for consultants or companies looking to locate or expand facilities to Kirksville or our region.

Why Locate in Kirksville

Kirksville and the surrounding region enjoy a high quality of life. From our outstanding outdoor recreation to our nationally award winning educational and healthcare facilities, Kirksville is a wonderful place to live, work and conduct your business.


Population Characteristics

Population 2020:

Adair County

Population Density

Adair County
44.6/sq. mile

Education (2017-2021)

12 years or more of education
Bachelor’s degree or higher

Taxable Sales

Kirksville (2017)
Adair County (2012)

Median household income

Adair County


Missouri is within 500 miles of:
• 43% of U.S. population and household
• 41% of total U.S. effective buying income
• 40% of total U.S. personal income
• 44% of total U.S. wholesale trade
• 41% of total U.S. service industries
• 44% of total U.S. manufacturing establishments

Kirksville Community Profile Document:

If you are interested in learning more about our community and its demographics, please visit the following link: Kirksville Demographic Information

Our Work Forces

Major Employers

Medical Group Temp

Kirksville has a well-educated and highly skilled quality workforce. Truman State University (Missouri’s liberal arts and sciences university) and A.T. Still University (our local medical and dental university) provide a consistent pool of qualified individuals prepared for the workplace. The most recent Workforce Quality Study shows our potential employees score higher than the state or national average in educational achievement. This means finding skilled employees a much easier process. Also, a large number of employees are available from the rural areas surrounding Kirksville because of acceptable commuting times.

You will find an available, educable, diverse and affordable workforce in Kirksville and the surrounding northeastern region. Let us prove that to you by conducting a specific survey on behalf of your company or client.

Missouri Northeast Labor Supply Certification 2022

Additionally, we are a Certified Work Ready community through ACT.

Available Properties

To view potential building sites or available locations for your business:
Available Buildings
Available Land
Available Industrial Land—Certified with the State of Missouri Certified Sites Program

Kirksville is a growing community with several unique opportunities for new or expanding businesses. Within the section, you will learn how to discover more about the available opportunities we have for businesses moving into our region.


Our community has a great record of working with the Missouri Department of Economic Development in developing some very aggressive and innovative incentive packages. Our K-REDI Executive Director, Carolyn Chrisman has a great working knowledge of their incentive programs and the individuals involved in decision making there. Missouri has over 50 tax credit programs, as well as job creation refundable tax credits (Missouri Works), Tax Increment Financing, and Missouri Development Finance Board Programs. Chrisman knows how to partner these with our own local incentives to put together the best incentive package possible for your business or client.

Kirksville is also in an Enterprise Zone. Local abatement decisions can be made for worthy and deserving projects on an individual basis.

To see if you qualify for any incentives, please call our office at (660) 665.2003, or email our director at cchrisman@kirksvillecity.com.

Hiring more employees or investing capital – Missouri Works could benefit you.



Kirksville has a solid offering of modern infrastructure, with two major highways—US Highway 63 and Missouri Highway 6. Highway 63 is a divided interstate configuration and is a major North-South corridor connecting Kirksville and Columbia, MO. Highway 63 also connects Kirksville to US Highway 36 (an East-West, interstate configured divided highway route between St. Joseph and Hannibal) just 30 miles to the south, and Interstate 70 (connecting Kansas City and St. Louis) is located just 90 miles South.

Missouri Highway 6 is a two-lane highway that connects Interstate 35 to Kirksville and other points east to the Missouri State Line.

The State of Missouri has the 6th largest highway system in the country and utilizes it in it’s role as the crossroads of the U.S. Because of our central U.S. location, Missouri is located within 500 miles of 43% of the total U.S. population and 44% of all U.S. manufacturers.

Map of Missouri


Kirksville has a modern regional airport with over 6,000 feet of runway and modern landing systems and lighting. Located four miles south of Kirksville on the west side of US Highway 63, the Kirksville Regional Airport has been an important part of Kirksville and Adair County since the early 1930s when it was created as a backup military airport. Federal grants and fuel sales currently provide the funding for operations of the airport.

North Scout Aviation is on-site as a Parts 145 repair station. For more information call 660-627-6023.

Cape Air provides three flights a day, seven days a week, from Kirksville to Lambert-St.Louis International Airport. Connect to the world with fast, affordable daily flights to St. Louis. Enjoy convenient baggage check-thrus, free airport parking at the Kirksville Regional Airport and reach your destination in just over an hour!



  • #18-36 6,004 x 100 feet concrete
  • #9-27 1,390 x 110 feet turf

Landing System:

  • VOR DME B or GPS
  • VOR A or GPS

Lighting System:

  • High intensity- Pilot controlled on runway and taxiway lights
  • #18 REIL lights
  • #36 MALS lights
  • 3-5-7 sec
  • Clicks low, medium, high

Kirksville Flight Schedule


The Kirksville Community is served by a Regional UPS Hub with daily pickup and delivery services Monday through Friday. Any parcel, picked up by 5 PM anywhere in the U.S. , can be shipped and received in Kirksville by 8 AM the following day.

Communications and Data

Kirksville enjoys all the modern communications infrastructure necessary for any business transactions, local providers include:



Tri-County Electric
Tri-County Electric

Ameren Missouri Rates
Ameren Missouri
Service Area
24,500 square miles
1.2 million
Power Generation
Power plants statewide
System peak demand
7,430 MW


Liberty Utilities
(855) 872-3242 or (660) 665-4280

Service areas include Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Texas.


(660) 784-2474
Slater, MO

Services Include:

  • Hand pick-up
  • Dumpsters
  • Roll-off Containers


Water Services
City of Kirksville
(660) 627-1251
Hazel Creek Lake and Forest Lake
Daily use
2,700,000 gallons
Storage capacity
3,900,000 gallons
Daily pumping & treating capacity
6,000,000 gallons
Treatment types
Aluminum sulfate, lime, caustic soda, chlorine dioxide, free residual chlorine


Sewer services
City of Kirksville
(660) 665-2861
Daily use
2,600,000 gallons
Daily capacity
12M gallons
Amount of city served
System type
Fixed media

New $18M wastewater treatment plant completed in 2017.


(800) 288-2020
Sparklight (formerly Cable One)
(600) 665-7066