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Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Inc (KREDI) is a 501c3 not-for profit organization that is a public/private partnership. KREDI is governed by a 23 member board.

K-REDI Board

To be a sound economic competitor; providing family supporting jobs to the Kirksville region.

K-REDI is a nonprofit public/private partnership working to promote economic growth through business recruitment and business expansion with a focus on the:

  • creation of sustainable jobs in manufacturing
  • processing
  • assembly
  • research and development
  • agricultural processing
  • warehousing
  • distribution facilities
  • telecommunications operations
  • computer operations
  • credit card billing and processing centers
  • education
  • healthcare
  • certain key service sector business as determined by the K-REDI Board of Directors and the City of Kirksville

K-REDI works closely with other key local economic development partners including the:

  • City of Kirksville
  • Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Missouri Rural Enterprise and Innovation Center
  • The Small Business Development Center in Northeast Missouri

Through these community partnerships, Kirksville boosts a comprehensive economic development program with each partner focusing its efforts so as to maximize local resources, insuring that all areas of economic development are covered–from entrepreneurial businesses to major manufacturers and everything in between:

  • small business development
  • retail
  • service
  • tourism

K-REDI Bylaws

K-REDI Srategic Plan 2022-2025

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