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Kirksville is on US Highway 63, a major north-south highway from Iowa into Missouri. At Kirksville, US 63 becomes a four-lane highway south to US Interstate 70 in Columbia, MO (about 90 miles). A two-lane alternate by-pass of US Highway 63 on the east city limits of Kirksville allows commercial trucks to avoid stop-and-go traffic on our business route. Kirksville is only 34 miles north of US Highway 36, the Chicago to Kansas City Expressway. US Highway 136 (east-west route) is 24 miles north of Kirksville.

Missouri Department of transportation for Our Region

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State Highways MO 6 and MO 11 run east and west through Kirksville. Highway 6 spans virtually from the Mississippi River from the east to the Missouri River on the west.

The Kirksville Regional Airport is located four miles south of Kirksville on US 63. It is the largest hub within a 100 mile radius. CapeAir offers three daily commercial flights from Kirksville to St. Louis for $49 one way. UPS and other postal services also fly daily out of the airport, not to mention several businesses house private planes, such as Preferred Family Healthcare.



Amtrak Passenger Service is available in La Plata, MO, just 14 miles south of Kirksville along US Highway 63, the Burlington-Northern/Santa Fe Railroad and Amtrak make stops in La Plata, MO. A person can travel by railroad to Chicago from here.

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