Cost of Doing Business

Cost of Doing Business in Kirksville, Missouri

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Utility Costs: Ameren Missouri is the utility provider for the city of Kirksville. The average overall electric rate for Ameren Missouri is almost 7 ½ cents per Kilowatt hour. The average industrial customer pays around .58 cents per kilowatt hour or less. In general the electric rates are 25% below the national average. (A separate document with more detail is available.)
Contact information: Ameren Missouri 1.800.552.7583

Water and Sewer Rates: The City of Kirksville provides water and waste water service to the Kirksville area. The minimum monthly charge for an industry is currently $31.13 plus consumption over 200 cubic feet is $.063955 per cubic foot. For example, a company who uses 1,525 cubic feet per month would pay $107.Companies who will have chemical discharge into the sewer system may have to pre-treat the wastewater before it is released.

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Contact information: City of Kirksville
201 S. Franklin
Kirksville, MO 63501

Natural Gas: Liberty Utilities is the natural gas provider for our area. Their capacity is virtually unlimited for the Kirksville area and industrial park. Costs will vary depending on the amount used and the price fluctuation.
For example if a company uses 25,000 MCF of gas it will cost approximately $ 162,500.00. There would be a monthly meter charge of $500 a month for $6000.00 per year. Total gas cost yearly would be approximately $168,500.00. More information on specific site location and distance from the HP line is needed to determine what or if there

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would be any installation costs. A rough estimate per foot would be somewhere around $30 providing it’s a relatively easy installation.
A quick propane comparison: $168,000 for Natural Gas
272,925 gallons of propane equal 25,000 MCF of natural gas.
Assume you can buy propane for $1.25 which would be cheap. That’s $341,156.25.
Natural gas savings of over $173,000.00 per year.

Contact Information:
Liberty Utilties 1.855.872.3242

Waste Management/Trash: Advanced Disposal handles the waste management for Kirksville. While exact costs cannot be determined for waste removal until the size of container, number of weekly pick-ups, and contents are known, here is a general estimate.
If a company has an 8 yard container that is emptied once a week and is filled with contents equal in weight to cardboard, the charge is $88 a month (plus a fuel and environmental charge). If that same container was empted twice a week, the cost is $168 (plus a fuel and environmental charge).
Any second container held at the facility and emptied would be at a discounted rate.
Contact Information: Veolia Environmental Services 1.800.778.7652
Telephone/Internet Providers: The City of Kirksville is served by both AT&T for phone and internet and Cable One which includes phone, cable and internet.

The Industrial Park located in Kirksville has AT&T cables located there. Fiber optic cable is already located at the park and is the best in landline and mobile technology for industries. AT&T has certified the Kirksville Industrial Park as an AT&T Fiber Park. For commercial rates, please check with the company.

Contact Information: AT&T 1.800.499.7928,

Cable One also provides services for telephone, cable and internet.

Contact Information: Cable One
402 N. Main St.
Kirksville, MO 63501

Property Assessment:
Agricultural 12% true market value
Commercial/Industrial 32% true market value
Residential 19% true market value
All other personal property 33 1/3 % true market value
Tax Rates in the City of Kirksville: FY 2012
Property Tax $0.6633 cents/$100
Railroad and Utility Tax $0.6547 cents/$100

Intangible Tax—Based on financial institution reported income to federal government.
Franchise Tax ranges from 3-5% of sales
Cigarette tax $2.50 per 1,000 sold
Sales tax within city limits 7.85%
Economic Development Sales Tax 5% (to four lane Hwy. 63)
State of Missouri 4.225%
County of Adair 1%
Adair County Ambulance District .375%

Gross Receipts sales tax $.50/$1,000 in sales exceeding $30,000
Corporate income tax Computed at 6.25% of Missouri taxable income

Unemployment Insurance 2.7% entry rate for new employers
Employers pay from 9-6% based on experience ratings and account balances individual income tax. State income tax is determined by a table to taxable income through $9,000 plus 6% of taxable income over $9,000.